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We are a little family of 4.  We have been called upon a journey into flowers with an ol' quirky 1985 GMC truck built and suited for DIY flower arranging! Think "food truck" but for flowers! Something for everyone in anyone's budget! How did this all come about you may ask?

I, the dreamer, Tai Tipton (Momma/Wife) had a dream, literally, a sleep dream! Woke up from this nap on Thanksgiving day 2019 with this fresh, renewed sense of self and immediately told hubby Chase, "Omg! I just had this amazing dream! It seemed so real.  I wish we could do something like that!" and immediately started budding ideas from wishful thinking to "Why can't we do this?"  It felt special, fun, flowers (which we personally LOVE) and something our whole family can do and enjoy together.  After googling, it is actually a thing! Who knew that there was a world of what I dreamt in my sleep that afternoon? What do you know? Magical people all over the U.S. have these adorable flower trucks! Even more of a YES overcame us! The more research, the more we found that it is an idea of what some people in France do for a living.  We just kept feeling the huge "YES!" and the journey to find a truck and make this dream come alive happened! The truck was meant to be, everything fell into place beautifully! We love the idea of have these older American-made GMC trucks, we felt like it is so "Fort Worth, Texas" and also may take many of us back in time riding in a truck like these with our folks or grandparents.  It just feels so special.

Why "Farphanoogen"? We used to call our son a "little farphanoogen" when he was little for no reason at all. We then thought it would be a pretty quirky & cool business name! Later to find that it actually means, "Driving excellence" in German. (spelled slightly different, of course!) We currently work and reside in Aledo, TX!

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