It's a beautiful day for a ...Flower Truck? Yes!

How it all began...

Knowing my husband Chase and I, we like to kind of "jump in" when it feels good! We are goobers, we are risk-takers and we are still growing in love. We met in March 2005. We had our first date April 3rd, we got engaged 2 weeks later, we married 3 months later, had our first kiddo in 2007 and we have opened a tattoo studio together (now closed), we have had a bar at one point, I worked as a fashion & wedding freelance hair stylist for many of these years, we supported each other with new dreams, ideas and we have moved 10 times since we met! It's been beyond the most rewarding and humbling experience I have ever had. When we jump, we jump!!!!!

In 2011, we owned the bar and I wanted to make it feel more soft and bring a feminine vibe to it (it was very manly looking...ha!). I was in love with the idea of flower arranging ever since I was a little girl so I took some online certfications with American Institute of Floral Design and a good friend and I started making arrangements for our tattoo studio and our bar. It was so much fun and brought so many of our patrons a smile. Who knew that I would revisit this "florist idea" 8 years later. In between all of these years, moves, selling the businesses and Chase going to back to work in the oil field industry (something he has done since he was a kid), we had our 2nd child, I became a yoga instructor with 500-hours of training and Chase also joined me with getting his 200-hours in yoga teacher training. I personally still work in the wedding industry, doing hair & makeup freelancing since 2008. (currently with We have done so much in all the years together!

Family Business...

Over the years, I have realized that I have wanted something to truly call "our family's business". I homeschool my kids and teaching them the art of running a business is very important to me. I have realized over the course of raising my kiddos (Cannon, who will be 13 yrs old in April 2020 and Atlas, who will be 6 in April 2020) that the world may not need another degree, the world may need these kids to learn more trade skills and entrepreneurship. I realized that if they choose to go to college, they will also have the education of trade and running/owning a business too! We opened up a little business and did pop-ups selling mineral stones, crystals and custom hand-made candles. It was named The Birch & Owl Trading Co. This business was inspired from our son's love for crystals and minerals when he found them at age 9. Cannon started to develop interpersonal communication skills, looking an adult in the eye with confidence on what our stones or candles meant to him, to us and how they could help our customers. He ran payments, counted money and began to understand words like what "overhead" means, taxes and how to set up and break down our booth. How to smile when an adult would challenge his intelligence in counting money back. Our daughter sold her paintings, she is so shy but realized quickly that people are good, there is a lot of good out there and if she spoke to them about her work, they paid her! Not only paid her but they hang her work in their homes! Or at their office! It was an incredible ride!

Over the course of 2019, I felt we were all running out of steam and getting bored of the idea of setting up to sell stones and candles. It only intrigued a niche market and if we didn't fit in the niche market at our pop-ups, we would sit stagnant. Kids were uninspired and I was ready for something different. We toyed with the ideas of just having retail in stores but this didn't involve our kids. We thought about adding clothes (huge bust), subscriptions for healing boxes (boring for the kids) and the ideas began to feel more "we need to" instead of "we want to".

Flower Truck? What?

On Thanksgiving Day 2019, I personally had this dream! I dreamt that Chase built us this amazing flower truck. I visualized this truck that we drove around and let people make their own bouquets to take to a loved one or take home. I told Chase about it and began googling after I woke up from this dream, feeling revived and so fresh! Researching, I found it! There was in fact, several people around the nation and the world doing these amazing flower trucks! I couldn't believe my eyes! I then realized that it was in deed doable and in fact, could be done in our area! Things from there really began to unfold, quickly and easily. We found not one but two old trucks! 1985 GMC & a 1957 GMC! We began to run with the idea! We jumped! It feels so good and Chase and I both heard a big "YES!"

I LOVE flowers. You can ask anyone who really knows me well. I am in love with the idea of how they brighten peoples day. How it can be this little piece of "Ahh! How beautiful!" or "Someone thought of me and took the extra time to pick out flowers". I can't tell you how much I love the idea of flowers in peoples homes and what our family could do together! Atlas is so excited for "flower arranging class" for homeschool project! Working on the trucks will hopefully inspire a new trade for my husband and son!

I am not sure where this journey will take us. We have recently retired The Birch & Owl name due to the fact that it was it's own special journey! We have named this company Farphanoogens Flower Co for the fact that we want this to be fun, inviting, quirky just like our little family! We found that Faphanoogen (spelled slightly different) means "driving in excellence" in German. How perfect, right! I plan to do flowers for as long as this journey will have me. I plan to coordinate it into my yoga practice & teaching as well as the wedding industry. I plan to bring smiles to faces, joy to my family and lessons to be learned.

Chapter Flower Truck is now open!

Thanks for Reading & May the Love

of Flowers Bestow Upon You,

Tai Tipton - Dream | Owner | Mommaprenuer

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